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The Cast of Characters
"The Infamous" Coogan Ryan is my brother and one of the ringleaders of the crew.  Coogan practices Emergency Medicine in Lafayette, so if you are traveling through Acadiana, all I can say is drive the speed limit and make sure your seatbelt is fastened!
John McQueen a/k/a "Mr. 10%" is a lifelong Dularger and sometime Redfish Tour Semi-Pro. John puts his pants on one leg at a time, only thing is, once his pants are on, he catches trout and redfish.  Bring your "A-Game" when you step over the gunnel with this character.
The lovely and infinitely patient Sophia Ryan is my wife and best friend. She loves to put the hurting on speckled trout after they have been amply located and patterned, and not earlier than 10:30 am, thank you very much!
Claire Ryan is my ten year old daughter. She first came to the Camp when she was 2 weeks old! She cast, set on, and reeled in the above trout herself.  Im one proud papa!
Wes Baird is one of my oldest childhood friends. We have been fishing together since we were in first grade. Wes loves to chase specks and redfish when he can get away from Mandeville, and he often will eat any oysters he snags on the spot!

Luke Ryan is my six year old son.  He is already on the board with his first redfish. The lad is good help driving the boat.

"The Honorable" Sherman Boughton is the ex-Coroner of East Carroll Parish. Sherman makes at least one trip to Dularge every year - sometimes we slay the trout, other times we seek out the big black drum in Grand Pass. Once the most eligible bachelor in the state, he is happily settled down in the Bigg Eazy.

Scotty "High Life" Domingue works with Coog in the ER in Lafayette.  Scott has got a fever and the only cure is Trout, and oh yeah. . . more cowbell.  
Dave Towers a/k/a "Dude" is originally from New Orleans, but I never met him until we were both at So. Cal. One of my closest friends, Dave lives in Santa Monica now, but he is always up for a trip down to Dularge.  Dave has come to love the way of the Bayou, and he has developed some fishing chops on the way.

Billy "the Fishmaster" Lancaster is one of my dad's oldest frineds.  He's a fanatical fisherman, having honed his chops in the wide open spaces of Mississippi Sound.  Billy is a regular on the tournament circuit, where he can usually be found sucking down the crawfish and using camera tricks on his fishing pictures.

"Eazy" . . .That's the way to describe this character.  Although some call him "the Alien."  Ed Baumann is one of Coogan's oldest friends.  Eazy helped us refit the camp after not one but three hurricanes.  He's on the speed dial for spring trips, as boiling crawfish is his passion, second only to killing redfish.

Steve Beiser has a love for Dularge that is rarely found.  He will drop what he is doing for a chance to smell salt air and catch trout, reds, and as you can see, bull drum.  If there was a competitive eating circuit for crawfish, Steve would be a contender, if not the holder of the middleweight belt.
Stewart Abercrombie A/K/A "Stew Bob" caused a lot of trouble at "Camp Mountain Lake" with Coogan and me in Tracy City, Tennessee. Stew was getting pretty good at the Pass Christian trout scene before Katrina.  Now, he's ready to learn Dularge for the next couple years.
Say hello to H.P.Bunker White!  Bunker is another of my dad's old buddies who has a great passion for fishing.  Whatever the program, Bunker is down with it in spades.  Bunker is the proud steward of a 23 Caribbiana "the Yellow Rose."  Trust me,  when you see it you will know it.