Where is Bayou Dularge?
Bayou Dularge is due South of Houma in Terrebonne Parish Louisiana. Take Highway 315 South from Houma, and basically follow it to the end of the road. There is a back-down launch which has recently been taken over by a friendly fellow named Mr. Jug. Jug usually has market bait and crabs for sale, It looks like there will be larsh for sale this summer. The launch costs $7.00, and Mr. Jug's's advice on where to fish is free.

The upper Dularge area can also be accessed through Lake Decade and the Falgoust Canal Marina.

Where do I Fish?
We do most of our fishing in the Sister Lake and Lake Mechant areas, about a 25 minute boatride from the launch. In the spring and fall, these lakes are full of trout. In the Summer we head all the way to the Gulf of Mexico (an extra 30 minute ride across Sister Lake). In the Winter we fish in the bayous and canals to the NorthEast of these lakes. That's as specific as I am going to get, so don't ask for GPS co-ordinates!!!

Warning: The Dularge area is shallow, and there are the usual underwater obstructions and mud flats - all unmarked. The problem is worst in the winter. Please remember that just because you can see water, doesn't mean you can drive your boat there. This is especially so in the smaller bayous, where there are a lot of shallow mud flats. Proceed carefully - especially when exploring new areas.

What if I don't have a Boat?
I would recommend that you hire Capt. Bill Lake of Bayou Guide Service (985-851-6015). He is a top-notch guide who has been fishing the Dularge area for decades. I have personally fished with Capt. Bill, and give him an unreserved seal of approval. I have been fishing Dularge for years, and always learn new spots and techniques when I fish with him, so even if you have a boat, it is nice to take a refresher course once in a while.

When Should I Go?
You can catch fish year round, but timing is everything in Dularge. The area is shallow and pretty muddy, so it doesn't take much wind to stir up mud and ruin visibility (thus ruining your trout fishing). Pick days where the wind is below 10 knots if you can. You can find real-time weather information at the LUMCON and WAVCIS websites on my links page. If you have the means, time your trip to occur in the days before a cold front passes through, or about 2-3 days after the front.

Why do you call John McQueen "Mr.10%"?
They say that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. While some would dispute that McQueen catches 90% of the fish, he does have the attitude and attention to detail required of a "10%'er."

Why do you call Coogan "The Infamous"?
That information is classified. Why don't you ask him yourself?

Why do you run this website?
I love fishing, and I have shared many, many, wonderful times on Bayou Dularge with family and friends. To me, the Dularge area is a special place, both because of its natural beauty, but also because of its friendly community. I have always found the people who live, work, and play along the Bayou to be the kindest, most generous folks I have encountered. This site is a reflection of all of these things. I hope people enjoy it.