Since this site is non-commercial, you might wonder why Capt. Bill Lake gets such prominent billing on Dularge.com.  He gets his own page here because I consider him the best.  I have fished with over a dozen Louisiana fishing guides, and I can say Capt. Bill Lake has the demeanor, attention to detail, and fish catching consistency that put him at the top of any list of Louisiana fishing guides.  Capt. Bill is a consummate professional with an obvious love for what he does.   I charter him whenever I have overflow guests at my camp, and he has never failed to impress.
Capt. Bill Lake is the finest inshore guide I have fished with.   You will find that Capt. Bill's "Big Kenner" is clean and ready to go and the equipment is in good repair and top-quality.  Once on the water, he chases the fish with a vengeance.  Although he is dead serious about fishing, he is a good fellow to spend time with on the water as well. Finally, he is an honest fisherman and  reports what he finds good or bad.  Capt. Bill's willingness to report  regarding conditions, fish movement, and technique is invaluable to the Dularge.com community.  Thus, he has earned the moniker "The Gu of Du."  A couple caveats: Capt. Bill does not typically use live or dead bait, and he does not clean fish.  Perhaps this is the reason why he is rerely seen with even so much as a speck on his neatly pressed Columbia fishing shirt.