Fishing with Capt. Brian Epstein
What better way to unwind after a morning at the Louisinana Supreme Court than an afternoon trip in Delacroix with Capt. Brian Epstein.  I was joined on this Delacroix excursion by Mr. John McCarthy, Mr. Cameron Henry, and State Rep. Steve Scalise. We were late getting started, leaving the dock at 3:00p.m., but that did not seem to matter to the trout, who were waiting for us to ring the dinner bell at one of Luna's secret honeyholes.  Live shrimp under a equalizer cork was the order of the day as the bite was steady through sunset. We had consistent doubles and some triples that afternoon, and the ice chest filled up rapidly but inconspicuously.

As darkness descended we were off to fish the rig lights, and picked up several reds perfect for the grill.  Big fish of the trip went to the Hon. Rep. Scalise, who brought in a 4lb trout as his first fish.  I must say that we had an awesome time both fishing and also partaking in good natured buffoonery with Capt. Brian and the rest of the crew.  Capt. Brian gets Ike's "Infamous Stamp of Approval" as a guide who not only knows how to put you on fish and will work harder than the law allows doing it, but who is also great company for a day on the water.  In addition to numerous bags of filets, Capt. Brian also provided great snapshots of our day in Delacroix .  If you are close to New Orleans, and need a guide with a first class boat, first class gear, first class fishing knowledge, and a first class sense of humor, I wholly recommend Capt. Brian.

Capt. Brian's Report of the Trip:  FROM THE LA STATE SUPREME COURT TO THE DELACROIX SPECKLED TROUT SLAM! Yesterday afternoon, Ike Ryan (brother of the infamous Coogan Ryan)of New Orleans, John McCarthy of New York City, Cameron Henry of Metairie, LA, and State Representative Steve Scalise of Jeffereson, LA headed out with me and Luna for a few hours of fast action. The guys were in court earlier in the day to challenge the constitutionality of Mayor Morial's lawsuits against gun manufacturers and did not get to the boat until 3:00 p.m. With only a couple of hours to fish, we headed out with a livewell full of live shrimp and got right on the fish. After spanking the mayor, they spanked a few trout. We had a slight incoming tide, and the fish were aggressive. As the sun got low in the water, it was fast as you could cast. The fish were hitting live shrimp, dead shrimp, and plastic retrieved quickly on a tightline. These guys were GREAT FUN to fish with, and we cut up non-stop from the time we started until they left with bags full of fillets. (After brutalizing the Mayor all morning, they needed to be taken down a peg! Heh! Heh!) Once darkness fell, I moved to a nightspot that I like to fish and found them active there as well. The fish were nice size with several in the 2-4 lb. class. (Check out the photos.) Our tally was 78 trout, 9 redfish, two flounders, and 1 white bass (barfish). The fish are still very active in the shallows, and the larger trout are showing a definite preference for the live bait, although I do not know how much longer live shrimp will be available. Minnows ought to work just as well. Plastic is working just fine, but if you want some bigger fish, then use the live stuff. Look for your fish in areas where there is deep water adjacent to a shallow shelf or flat. The fish are moving back and forth from the shallow to deep and this is where they are staging. Yesterday we fished a shell covered slope that went from 3-18', and caught fish in all depths. The fishing is EXCELLENT right now in Delacroix and should remain so throughtout the winter. Give me a call if you are looking for an easygoing funfilled trip that will leave you sick of eating fish for the next month. Thanks for the e-mails and be safe. CAPT. BRIAN EPSTEIN BAYOU ADVENTURES, INC. 504-488-5581