Fishing with Capt. Bill Lake "Troutfest"
Had the irrepressible Philvis Ruth out to Paw Paw's Camp on Bayou Dularge for the weekend.  We were joined by John "Ten Percenter" McQueen and Paul Wegmann.

Sunday morning, Capt. Bill Lake picked us up at the camp and took us on a fishing tour of Sister Lake and the North Bayou Seveur areas.  The schoolie trout were present at just about every stop we made, and although we were not keeping any 12-13 inch fish,
we proceeded to fill an 80 quart Igloo.

Final tally was 88 specks on Sunday (14-17inches).  As always it was a pleasure to fish with Capt. Bill, and I continued to stock the Bayou Dularge fishing database with his instructions.  He even cut me a little slack when I dropped his 40 compartment tackle box stuffed with about 2.3 billion Bayou Chub lures on the deck (thanks for locking it guys!).  Sent Philvis home on the 6:20 to Austin, Tx with ten minutes to spare and a 10lb sack of speck filets.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend DOWN IN DULARGE!!

Capt. Bill's report of the trip:  Another great day of speckled trout fishing "DOWN IN DULARGE"! Yes, the beat goes on as the trout are stacked up in all the major bayou's in the lower dularge area. Easy limits can be taken in the 12-15 in. range on almost any day. Today was no exception as the yellow-mouths could be found at just about every stop this morning. Fishing with me today were Ike Ryan, John McQueen & Paul Wegmann from the New Orleans area. Phil Ruth from Austin, Tx. also joined us for the trip. Everyone caught their share of fish as we caught well over our 125 fish limit! The gang was a bit selective today as many fish in the 12-13 inch range were released to fight another day. The majority of the trout that we kept was 14 in. and up with a final tally of 88 trout,2 redfish and 1 flounder. The LSU and smoke/chartreuse Bayou Chub Minnow did most of the damage. Reeling the chubs with a slow retrieve is the most productive way to fish this lure. The trout have moved into the shallow water with the warmer temperatures as most of todays catch was found in the 3-4 ft. depth range. For your best success try fishing the drop-offs along the deeper waterways and any major points with moving water. Do not stay any longer than 10-15 minutes at each location---keep moving until you find a productive area. I enjoyed fishing with this crew today as the guys were a fun bunch to spend the morning with. It was an interesting morning as John's big bite of the day happened to be from a "Common Loon" that really inhaled the Bayou Chub. It was a fierce battle between John and the loon as the wacky bird finally won his freedom. Paul and Phil found their Bayou Chubs harvesting quite a few oysters while Ike was playing 52 pick-up with the tackle box! Anyway, it sure was a beautiful day to be on the water as the trout fishing was as good as the company! Take care on the water and good luck fishing!-------Capt. Bill Lake