http://www.dularge.com/fishpics/camp_sunset.jpgKeep tabs on the Dularge weather with the links below.  The NWS Coastal Marine Forecast is good for a general predicton of coming weather.  The WAVCIS, LUMCON, and USGS sites provide real time information on water and weather conditions in the Bayou Dularge area.  For those of you new to Dularge, the best days to fish are those with winds of 10mph or less.  Anything over that and the area tends to get muddied up.  Remember that because the Dularge area is shallow, the winds will have a big impact on the tides.  For example, a strong norther can delay or even completely negate an incoming tide; likewise, strong south winds can put water over the dock.  For this reason, it is a good idea to check and see how the tides are doing at the real time guages rather than tide forecasts.