My name is Ike Ryan, and I am the webmaster here at www.dularge.com.  I started this website in August, 2001, partly to document my fishing experiences, partly to learn how to make a website, and partly to share my love for Bayou Dularge with friends, family, and like minded folks.  
This website is dedicated to Cliff and Norma Harrington.

Over the past five years, a growing community of fishermen, hunters, and plain good people have come to Dularge.com to share fishing reports, to make new friends, and occasionally to pass a good time. Dularge.com has grown by word of mouth to the point where we have over 500 registered users and get about 700 unique visits per day.  I am continuously impressed with the fellowship that is shared on the website, and caliber of human beings who populate the membership of Dularge.com.    For me, Dularge.com is an example of things the internet does best: the exchange of information, social networking, and entertainment. Recognizing that Dularge.com has outgrown its original footprint, I am retooling the format to become less about me and more about Dularge in general.

This site has always been and always will be a not-for-profit community operation.  We do not accept advertising or any emoluments for product endorsement.  If you read my endorsement of a fishing product, it is because I use the product and like it enough to recommend it.   If I write nice things about a guide, it is because I consider him an excellent operator.  This site's forum is open to any sportsman, including any fishing guide who wishes to participate.  I will never edit a post for mentioning "brand x" or "Capt. Z".  The only rule is that the forum be kept somewhat "on topic" and that posters remember that this site is not only read by adults but by youngsters as well.

Finally,  please remember that this community lives or dies based on the free exchange of information.  Please take the time to share your experiences with the rest of the community as opposed to lurking. 

I hope you enjoy reading Dularge.com as much as I have enjoyed watching it grow.

Ike "El Capitan" Ryan